How to Reduce No-Show Appointments

Any reminder service tool is an instrument meant to reduce the number of no-shows in your practice. But from the look of things, this is not always the case. Relax and ask yourself, “am I using this piece of technology to communicate effectively and efficiently with my clients?” If not, do not blame the app or web portal. It’s time we improve the skills and enrich you with the tricks you need before scheduling the next client. Here are some things you should do:

Replacing no-shows

Worried and Exhausted Businessman Talking on Phone in his Office and Checking the Time
You can blow away the disappointment of a no-show by simply replacing it. The whole idea is to figure out your type of client who is always free and is willing to be rescheduled. To be honest, sometimes the odds of finding such are low. But you can bet that if you ask and look in keenly, you can find the answer you are looking for. The subtlety lies in how fast you can pick up current failure and turn it into an opportunity.

Creating a human connection

Automation has made your business operation smarter and smoother. There is no need to hire loads of people to start a business. You may be good with just a proper app or website and a great idea you can work on. But some things never change. There are items we cannot replace, despite the advantages placed on a doorstep. And it is a human connection. Most appointment reminders respond to clients or patients by sending a tailored mail or text message and schedule to Outlook or the app that you are using. The message passed across by automated bots almost sounds like, “Hey, we look into your request later when we are free”. This is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. It is time for you to change and have a real bond. Create a real customer experience if you want to be an outstanding brand. You can send a text to your patient and ask them about their current life, appointment plans, and confirmation of the oncoming appointment. You can also amp the notch and go for a video call. This creates a good engagement with your customer or clientele base and promotes back-and-forth communication.

Enforce a no-show policy

This is a draft document that shows what will happen when the patient or client fails to show up. You can attach this to an email or text and confirm whether the receiver read the document before agreeing to set up the meeting, it contains the time window allowed to cancel the meeting, the number of times a patient has before facing consequences and explains consequences. This acts as a warning for the client before committing to an appointment. You will also step into your power and authority and sweep away any hesitation from the client.


People dislike hearing that there’s a limit to what you can do. You are not superhuman. There are limits to what you can do within 24 hours, even with the best appointment reminder service available. Oh, and there is a life to live. You might have a family, a friend, a side project, or a vacation you want to go. So, don’t kill yourself by overloading your days so much. The real pressure of doing too much in a compressed time comes from the feeling that you are not enough. That you cannot reach the set heights of other businesses and organizations. The worst scenario is when you have so much on your hands that you cannot deal with it. You will lack the creativity and energy to handle the wave of requests coming at you. This will lead to no-shows because of lengthy wait times and long periods of response. Now, that’s an old classic game in a world of speed and convenience.

David Desanctis

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