How to Create Engaging Content on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, where people come to talk about the latest trends and topics of interest related to any industry or market. This is due to it being a rich source of information for the public, where they engage and follow many business and individual accounts related to their interest. This makes it very important for any business or information-sharing account to create engaging content as per the requirements of the audience. It is necessary to explore all the options and techniques available on the platform for an account to make your content more engaging and the ways how to gain followers on Twitter, maximize their profile potential and make generate content for a large audience. Some of the best ways to make content that maximizes engagements are explained below.

Make visual content

Visual content generates more attention on social media in general, as it is easier to understand and relate to the users. Try to integrate more videos in your feed, as people find them more engaging and memorable, making your content stand out when compared to other related accounts. It is necessary to mix up different forms of visual content. This can be a photo that highlights a particular event or through GIFs or memes to make your content more presentable and attractive to the audience. According to reports visual content is around 30% more likely to generate likes, retweets, or other forms of engagement since they are more appreciated by the users when compared to plain text.

Use Twitter handles

Since the platform encourages people to communicate and interact with each other, consider talking about relatable brands, audience members, and influencers in your tweets. Additionally, include their Twitter handles in the tweet which will instantly notify them of your tweet which if they find it supportive or interesting might make them retweet on their account significantly increasing your reach and engagements on your posts. This creates a great community in which you can regularly communicate and interact, ensuring a regular stream of followers and engagements.

Use Twitter polls

It is vital that you regularly interact with your audience and encourage them to share their opinions or comments related to a topic or a piece of news. Twitter polls are a great way for the audience to get more involved in your account’s activities and provide more information regarding their expectations. Since they can be asked different questions relating to the industry and your accounts activity, such as what they would like to see more, etc. These interactions and insightful information from the audience are likely to boost engagements on the account

Use hashtags

Using hashtags is one of the fundamental practices enabling your account to reach out to specified people and accounts related to your industry. This also makes it possible for you to link your content to a specific event or purpose. They make your content more searchable since people searching the same hashtag will be able to view your tweet as well. All these techniques are essential to be followed by all accounts to maximize the engagements on their profile, irrespective of the audience or industry your profile relates to.

David Desanctis

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